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So, here we are, week 597 of quarantine…not a day goes by when I don’t question my sanity. I not even kidding when I say I went into this feeling like Lizzo, but now I’m more like Bill Murray in Groundhogs Day:

Wake up.


School work.

Work meeting.


More school work.

Husband’s work meeting.


Then I wake up the next day and start over. Every. Damn. Day.

Like most of us, I’ve turned to social media to look for both signs of humanity and a place to vent (just a little). However, what I’ve found are some Instagram pages that make me feel a bit more “normal.” Posts that I can relate to on such a tangible level, that I’m screaming at the screen “Me too!” Here just a few of my favorites:

Leslie Jordan

First off, if y’all don’t know who Leslie Jordan is, bless your heart. Seriously. Google him.

I am Leslie Jordan in quarantine. A majority of his posts are from the bed or snuggle up in blankets at his place in Tennessee. He’s a true story teller. A savant of anything and everything. If he doesn’t bring a small glimmer of light in your day, well, I can’t help you either.

Follow him at @thelesliejordan


Rage Against the Minivan

Let’s be honest, being a parent is HARD.

If you’re not familiar with Rage Against the Minivan’s Instagram page, you might be familiar with its hashtag #assholeparent. People enter pictures of their children in varying forms of fit/angst, most of which are a result of nothing but their parents’ parenting. In all honesty, this page makes me feel like I’m not failing, but actually keeping up with the status quo.

Follow them at @rageagainsttheminivan


Graham McTavish

Undoubtedly, you all know we LOVE Outlander here at The Cool Table. I’ve loved Dougal Buck Graham since The Hobbit days. Lately, he has been posting videos from his home (outside, on a beautiful beach), recommending different genres of books to help pass the quarantine time. His latest offering was on my favorite, historical non-fiction…squeal!

Hey, Graham! We love books also. Let’s chat.

Follow Graham and his “Book ‘kind of’ Club” on Insta at @grahammctavish

Classical Art Memes

Without a doubt, art is particularly important to me. Almost as important as humor. Classical Art Memes mates my two favorites: art & memes.

In a previous life, I minored in Art History. A couple friends/classmates of mine would make-up background stories for different works to help us study for exams. Now, I often try to throw out art jokes to my engineer husband, and they typically fall flatter than a clock in a Dalí painting. This page reminds me of that silliness in a much simpler time.

Follow them at @classical_art_memes


At the end of the day I am grateful for my health and my family. Although staying home and social distancing might seem tough now, hindsight usually is 20/20. Remember to wash your hands, wear your face masks, play that board game, uncork that bottle of wine, and subscribe to Instagram pages that will get you through this (like, um, US).

Be safe friends.

What Instagram pages are getting you through Quarantine?

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