Courtney is a suburban mother to 3 fierce little women (& 2 not so fierce puppies) who is readjusting to American life after living abroad. She’s a little hippy-dippy, a proud bright, blue star in a big, red state & the epitome of a red-headed Scorpio.. When she is not re-reading books she should’ve read in high school, Twilight & Outlander, she’s obsessed with all things historical fiction. She has a weakness for watching BBC dramas, Outlander (duh) & Seinfeld reruns. She has a passion for what’s happening in the world & traveling it. She is also a self-proclaimed expert in all things 80’s & 90’s, sports, strong coffee, art, Italian red wines & German beers.

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Bill & Ted Face the Music
TCT@SDCC: Bill & Ted Face the Music

I have a confession to make: I am a San Diego Comic Con newbie and…

The Excellent Return of Bill and Ted

It was just this week, 31 years ago (1989 if you hate math) that the…

A Case for Historical Non-Fiction

You all know we LOVE books here at The Cool Table . We re-read books…

To All the Henry Cavills I’ve Loved Before

We love Henry Cavill, Some Henry’s we just love a little more.