PSA: We Aren’t Going to Stop Talking About Bridgerton

Next week is more than just our long-awaited Christmas break. It’s more than just the end of the worst year of living memory. It’s the start of us doing nothing, absolutely NOTHING but talking about Bridgerton.

From the first casting news, to begging for a release date, to devouring all the tidbits, to learning all we can about our new leading man, to bringing you Bridgerton Book Club, we have been salivating and anticipating all things Bridgerton for almost two years! But it’s been a low undercurrent of obsession. Sure, we’re into it: of course we are into Netflix shows and romance novels and anything Nicola Coughlan is doing. But I think we should warn you all now: WE ARE VERY INTO BRIDGERTON.

Coming Christmas Day to Netflix is patently unfair and yet the greatest of gifts. I can think of no other night of the year where I enjoy going to bed as late and have to get up as early, and yet I am considering staying up until 2am and binging the entire thing before my daughters wake me up and ask for French toast.

Bridgerton will be lush and decadent, and this is most important, a FANTASY show. Those of us well versed in regency romance novels know that they are inherently fantasy stories: too many handsome dukes with good intentions and nice dicks, and too many eligible ladies with wit and innocence to be real life. So why have so many period drama producers given us staid and unsexy be-corseted adaptations?

By all accounts, Bridgerton is bringing everything sexy to the screen along with the regency world of the ton, the London social season, the scandal sheet, the scheming mamas and the bidding ingenues we know and love.

We aren’t going to be able to contain our chill. In preparation, we are planning to talk WAY too much about it all tomorrow night for our Holiday Happy Hour! Join us live at 8pmEST on YouTube or Facebook with your favorite cocktail.

Bridgerton premieres Christmas Day on Netflix.  

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