The Bridgerton News You’ve Been Needing

If there is one thing this quarantine is in desperate need of, if there is one thing that will bring us all together, it’s more news from Netflix about its upcoming series, Bridgerton from Shondaland.

We are but humble romance novel enthusiasts and readers, who have egregiously NEVER EVER had a romance series brought to screen before. Of course we can be super patient with this slow and interminable trickle of Bridgerton news. It’s not like we set our Google alerts back in December of 2018 or anything. I have not in any way already begged for a Bridgerton release date. It’s not like like romance readers aren’t the types to download a new book every other day as soon as they are released. We are a patient lot.

What I’m saying is, in this bananas time of quarantine, it’s perfectly natural and normal to all go a little crazy and scour the internet for even the smallest hints about our most anticipated series of 2020. Thankfully, it also sometimes pays off.

Julia Quinn Dropped Some Tidbits about Bridgerton

Julia Quinn sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about the release of her newest novel in the Rokesby series (the Bridgerton prequels), First Comes Scandal, and of course WHATEVER she can give us about the Netflix series.

There were some things we already knew: 

  • they wrapped filming in February
  • the official release date is still … Fall 2020
  • the set and the costumes are magical
  • it’s not a word-for-word adaptation
  • the actors are incredible

And then there were some new tidbits:

  • they are currently digging into post production
  • Julia read all the scripts and was blown away
  • the writers are interweaving new and different stories
  • BUT … the main story of this season is the story of Daphne and Simon, ie the first novel The Duke and I

And then there were the really lovely parts:

  • The structure of the season is, in Julia’s words, brilliant
  • The season opens very differently than the novel
  • The opening, according to Julia, is the absolute best way to do it and also something she never would have thought of!

And now for the BEST NEWS!

All that good news has led us to the best news: Bridgerton Book Club at The Cool Table is finally here! The Bridgerton series is eight awesome books, and we are reading … at least the first three together! Bridgerton Book Club starts as soon as you want to get your own copy of The Duke and I. We will be discussing the book together on May 18th, and in the meantime chat with us on Twitter (@thecool_table) and Facebook (@thecooltablesite) about Simon and Daphne.

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