Bridgerton Season 2 Character Posters!

The character posters for Netflix and Shondaland’s Bridgerton Season 2 are here, and I cannot NOT talk about them. 


First of all, the Sharma sisters. I actually really love this one. I love the color of their dresses and how Kate’s dress is complimented by Edwina’s mallet. Newton peaking through is perfection. Their poses are really indicative of their characters. What I don’t love, is how photoshopped they are. These women are gorgeous and yet they are almost unrecognizable here. Why??? 


Another girl power couple that we love to see: this one is also great. Penelope is looking more mature, and their stances perfectly tell us that this is about secrets and sharing and female friendship. But again, I wish you could actually see Eloise’s face instead of it being photoshopped to hell. 


I love this one even more because it’s not a poster of Penelope; this is pure Lady Whistledown! She has her feather and her papers, and THE thing she is going to be gossiping about the most this season is right there in the background: Kate and Anthony playing Pall Mall. 


I do not like this one at all. Last year’s photo of these three ladies was far better. I don’t like how Violet Bridgerton is relegated so far off to the side; she deserved one of the more prominent places in this triangle. And Lady Danbury’s dress is the wrong color for the palette of these posters. They are giving Indian Summer, and her deep red is late fall/early winter. 


Okay. Fine. The Bridgerton brother photo from the first season was better as this one, again, is way too photoshopped. Benedict, for some horrible reason, looks the hottest, and we all know that is incorrect. Colin and Anthony’s facial expressions are wrong for their characters; they almost need to be switched. Anthony looks too charming and Colin, too constipated. 


Ahh. No notes. Perfection. 


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Aaaaaand now for this one. I don’t love it. It’s good, not great and definitely could be better. I like that Kate’s mallet is up and over her shoulder. It’s dominant and active. I love Newton, of course. But I don’t love how much Anthony is in front of Kate, blocking her from his closeness to Edwina. I get it, but I don’t love it. Especially because if you take Edwina out of this photo, like this user on Twitter did, and get a good look at Kanthony, it looks as if Kate is pursuing Anthony. And no. She should have been turned away from him in some way on the poster. 

Especially when you contrast it with the main couple poster of Daphne and Simon from season 1, which speaks completely of desperation and desire on the duke’s part while Daphne with her look and her stance (away from him, but with her hand down in his own) holds all the power. It’s very hot and really speaks to the story of last season well. 

Thankfully, some of the official stills we’ve seen are hot enough to burn Aubrey Hall to the ground, so we’re good. We’re very good. 

We cannot wait for Bridgerton Season 2. Join us for a special pre-season2 Bingerton on March 19th. We will be doing a watch along on Twitter and TikTok, and will go live at 8pmEST to discuss season 1 and what we want for season 2. 

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