Bingerton: Let’s Debut Bridgerton Season 2

The ton is all aflutter whilst awaiting the debut of Bridgerton Season 2. That’s us. We’re TON. And we can’t wait to discuss The Viscount Who Loved Me and what we are expecting from Bridgerton Season 2 with all of you during our Bingerton live-stream.

Join us LIVE this Saturday, March 19 at 8pmEST for port in Anthony’s study at Bridgerton House. Or a glass of pinot grig in your kitchen, whatever. We will be live on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter talking all about the first season of Bridgerton, The Viscount Who Loved Me, and all our expectations and gossip surrounding Bridgerton season 2. 

It’s the unmissable event of the season!

You can also listen to Bingerton after the livestream on our podcast: The Cool Table Podcast!



We will meet you back at the same location for a Bingerton After-Party on March 28th, once we’ve all had a chance to watch the show three or four times! 

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