Ten Thoughts You’ll Have While Watching Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle

Typically when someone is referred to as “stupid hot” it means they’re so hot it makes you stupid. However, when the term is applied to the cast of Netflix’s latest smash hit, Too Hot to Handle, it should be taken quite literally. These people are hot and they are stupid.

Netflix may have just found my kryptonite.

If you haven’t heard of Too Hot to Handle, teach me your algorithm, because it is everywhere – just like its cast members’ libidos. According to their presser – and the hours I’ve spent all 8 episodes – here’s the premise:

“Ten young, hot singles from around the world come together in a tropical paradise for what they think will be the most exotic and erotic summer of their lives — but there’s a twist. These commitment-phobes who love a casual hook-up, will have to give up all hanky panky for the entire retreat if they want to win the $100,000 grand prize. No kissing, no heavy petting, and no self-gratification of any kind. With every slip, the prize money goes down. In this luxury no-bone zone, will the serial singletons be able to form deeper emotional connections? Or will the temptation simply be too hot to handle?”

Hey, if there’s one thing that can bring the world together during these troubling times it’s dumb, hot people being tormented.

Ten Thoughts You Will Have While Watching Too Hot to Handle

  1. Hot people on a beach, I’m in! I can’t wait for the ex I stole the login from to see it in the, “continue watching feed.”
  2. Wait, am I old or are none of these people, actually hot? Harry has a haircut like a medieval monk. Oh, okay, he’s 6’5,” I get it now, proceed.
  3. Get paid to go 30 days without sexual intimacy of any kind? Let me tell you about a little something call shelter-in-place.
  4. Lana the robot looks like a knock-off version of Alexa that you can find in the Father’s Day gift section of TJ Maxx.
  5. I’ve never hated anyone more than Francesca.
  6. Wait, did this show just make me cry?
  7. If someone lost $3k of my prize money for a kiss, they better be waking up from a magic induced coma – and then they better bring me my money.
  8. What the hell is a “geezer?”
  9. SHE HAS A KID? I have concerns.
  10. The real winner here is Netflix for getting me to watch all of that. When does Season Two air?


Did you watch Too Hot to Handle? What were your thoughts? 



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