Holiday Happy Hour at The Cool Table!

Here’s the deal. We miss you. We miss each other. We miss seeing one another at cons. We miss hugs. We miss clinking glasses and drinking cocktails. We miss visiting each other’s towns. These are things we used to do together.

AND we even miss getting drunk on the internet and talking about our favorite things with you. 

A year ago, when we were putting The Cool Table together, we envisioned 2020 as a super fun year full of romance novels, good TV, tons of conventions, maybe a late autumn wine tour, excitement over book releases and movie news. We thought we’d have so much goodness going on we were going to need to make The Cool Table our full time jobs. 


You don’t need us to tell you all the reasons that didn’t happen. No conventions. No get togethers. No excitement, even, because every little thing has been tainted by the state of the world around us, our own exhaustion, and the reality of what being at home for ten months has meant for us, physically and mentally. Getting together on the internet, putting make up on, turning our webcams on for another “meeting” in a day full of online zooms, felt so many times like too much work.

Too much everything. 

And even though the year has been the biggest of disappointments, we aren’t going to let it go out like that. It seems like December and January are bringing THE BEST of the best TV, movies and books our way, and we have too much to talk about to keep it to our personal group chats. It’s time to take out 2020 and ring in 2021 TOGETHER AGAIN. 

So let’s get drunk on the internet and talk about our favorite stuff. With you. 


Join us Saturday night for cocktails and all those conversations we’ve been saving up the past few months. We have to talk Biden, Bridgerton, Book Drama and more! Since you can’t hang with your friends in real life, you can judge our Christmas decorations instead. 

Holiday Happy Hour at The Cool Table is Saturday, December 19th at 8pmEST/5pmPT.


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