Introducing: The Cool Table Podcast

AHHHHHH! We know, we know. We’ve been promising this for a long time. And to all of you who get most of your content straight to your ears and not your eyeballs, we apologize for the wait.

But now it’s here. We are announcing The Cool Table Podcast.

If you love our live hangouts, book clubs and boozy happy hours, now you can binge them audio-style. First up for our podcast will be our very popular Bridgerton Book Club. If you missed our convos on The Duke and I and The Viscount Who Loved Me (way before the show came out, by the way), they are some of the most hilarious book club convos I’ve ever hosted, and I’ve hosted a lot of those.

We will also be bringing our A Discovery of Witches after show, A Hangout of Witches, to this first season of the podcast. Those are ongoing, every Sunday night, so expect them on the podcast not long after the live hangout ends.

And there’s more! We will be hosting more Happy Hours at The Cool Table, and there will be special content JUST for podcast listeners coming soon.


If you know you love us, please subscribe, rate and review. We are new to the podcast space, and we would love to have more people find us through your awesome recommendations.

You can listen to The Cool Table Podcast here, or on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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