A Hangout of Witches: #ADOW Season 2 After Show

Get ready, witches! A Discovery of Witches Season 2 is upon us, and while lucky ducks across the pond get all ten episodes at once, we here in the GRAND OL’ US of A will be seeing the slow drop of weekly episodes every week on Sundance Now, Shudder and AMC Plus.

But don’t fret! That weekly schedule means that we will have ample time to dissect each episode together before the next one comes out. That’s right … our after show, A Hangout of Witches is back.

Every Sunday night at 8pmEST, join us LIVE on YouTube and Facebook as we chat about all things All Souls.

If you missed the original A Hangout of Witches, it’s online at our former home, That’s Normal, and you can see all four episodes here.

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