A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Will Be Perfect Television

When season one of A Discovery of Witches aired, I was anticipating a campy, if romantic, adaptation of novel by Deborah Harkness that was mildly entertaining and slightly disappointing. What I got instead was a fast-paced, intriguing, gorgeous season of television that surpassed not just my measured expectations, but, in some ways, the source material itself. A Discovery of Witches is FANTASTIC genre television. 

And now, we can expect nothing less from season 2. In fact, as the main characters, Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont, make their way to 16th century London, we can expect an uptick in all the things that make the first season memorable. The intrigue of not just the Elizabethan court, but Matthew’s former life and standing, new creatures including fan favorite, Gallowglass (played by Steven Cree), and the back and forth of those left behind in the present moment. 

The trailer aired at New York Comic Con, and it surpassed my expectations – again.


First of all, is that Phillipe narrating? Please inject his dulcet bass into my veins. Vampire puns intended. 

Everything atmospheric about the settings and the costumes and the dialogue in this trailer is setting season 2 up to be a fantasy genre and historical fiction lovers DREAM.

I’m not sure that when I read Shadow of Night, the book that season 2 of A Discovery of Witches is based on, that I appreciated the genius of Diana and Matthew traveling to a time in which witches walked among us. The trailer highlights the normalcy of witchcraft in the era, and the inherent danger of it as well. Remember the feeling that you got when in season one you first saw Sarah and Emily’s autumnal draped home? That feeling of “ah, witches herein be”? The entire feel of season 2 creates that same feeling, only with the full, historically based dread that they must hide. 

Oh, and unless we forget, there’s a couple of moments that remind you that Gallowglass and Matthew are hot badass vamps. God, I love this trailer. 

And for those of us who love a comic con panel, and missed being able to see them all in person at NYCC, here is the Behind the Magic panel from this year’s virtual gathering. Introduced by Exec Producer, Lachlan MacKinnon and author, Deborah Harkness, the panel included Matthew Goode, Teresa Palmer, Ed Bluemel, Adelle Leonce and Steven Cree dorkily answering fan questions. The best answer: season 2 is dark and horny. 


A Discovery of Witches Season 2 will air on Sundance Now and Shudder January 9th.  



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