The Bachelorette Finale Gave Charity Her Happily Ever After


On Monday night, Charity Lawson ended her brief stint as The Bachelorette with an emotional, live three-hour finale.

Say what you want about this season, but it only took her eight episodes to fall in love, school a couple of fboys, get engaged, and make me a fan.

We love an efficient queen.

A-a-ron is still there

When we last left Charity in Fiji she had just sent Xavier home for being a cheating cheater who cheats and she was resting in her feminine power knowing that Joey and Dotun both love her. Then the man she dumped after hometowns crashed her overnight week and asked for a second chance.

charity finale

The finale opened with Charity giving Aaron another chance. This might be the dumbest thing she has done this season and that’s saying something because she used to enjoy being around Brayden.

She not only offered him the opportunity to meet her at her hotel room that night for dinner, but she also kept kissing him. Like, a lot.


Woman, I know it’s hard to make a choice when all of these hot men are flying across the country for you, but you already dumped this man once immediately after you met his family. Put him out to pasture.

We all saw this coming

The next thing we knew it was the rose ceremony. Obviously, Joey and Dotun were shocked to see Aaron standing in Xavier’s place; but that was the only shocking thing about how this was going to play out.


Charity gave the first rose to Joey. Then she paused the ceremony and asked to speak to Aaron outside.

This lady dumped him for the second time and I swear he wanted to ask for thirds.


Dotun got the last rose of the night and we were right back where we started.

I hope Aaron got to keep his frequent flyer miles.

Joey charms the family

Now that we have cemented our final two, it was time for them to take turns meeting Charity’s family.


First up was Joey who encountered a skeptical group that included Charity’s parents and sister. It took him approximately 0.2 seconds to win them over.

I’m convinced that Joey has never met a woman he can’t charm. He must be raking in the tips at the tennis club.


Anyway, he did great. He spoke easily about the challenges of entering an interracial relationship, and he convinced Charity’s tough mom that he’d fit in nicely with their family.

The only thing that wasn’t working for Joey was his hairstyle which looked like he had licked his palm to slick it down.

Dotun has work to do

Next up in the family meet-and-greet line was Dotun who is Charity’s frontrunner by all measures.

This is a nearly 7-foot tall, successful, kind, Black man. They’re going to love him right?

Not so much.

Charity’s family was so charmed by Joey that Dotun’s more subdued personality felt lackluster to them. Her mom said he felt “familiar” in a way that made it sound like a scalding insult and all her sister could say was that “Joey makes you glow and Dotun makes you laugh.”

He’d also make you tall D1 athlete nieces and nephews. Think longterm!

Needless to say, Charity ended their meeting more confused than ever.

Charity is not okay

After Dotun left, Charity pushed her family to tell her exactly what they think and who she should choose.

Her mom was like, “Nah, that’s a trap.”


Charity’s mom said from the beginning of the episode that Charity’s greatest challenge would be being decisive. So it was clear to her that Charity wasn’t just looking for advice, she was looking for an answer to a question she hasn’t been able to answer herself.

Charity was mad when her mom refused to be specific about her thoughts, but I think it was wise. It’s a lose/lose situation for family members to be too forthright in this situation.

Everyone remembers Peter Weber’s mom, Barb.

Joey’s last date


Charity left her mom with doubts, but you’d never know by the way she spoke to Joey during their last date.

No really, she literally told him that she didn’t have a doubt in the world and that she loves him.

By the end of the date, Joey said, “I’m going to propose to Charity. I have no doubts about that. I’m going to be engaged. We have something special that she won’t be able to say no to.”

Never count your chickens before Neil Lane hatches them, Joey.

Dotun’s last date

Joey’s last date was filled with declarations of love, but Dotun’s took a dramatic turn away from that energy.

The whole vibe was way more subdued and serious. It was hard to tell if that was because she is picking Dotun and she was realizing the gravity of the choice she was making. Or if it meant that Dotun was out of the running.

At one point she even brought up Joey’s name and referenced their date from the night before which can mean she trusts Dotun with her truth, or that she has given up on him.

The show definitely wanted us to think that Dotun’s time was coming to an end, but I’m not buying it.

First out of the limo

By the time Charity reached the engagement platform, she had already been crying for half of the morning. This woman was going through it.

However, despite her deep emotions, she seemed decided.

So, when the first van arrived at the proposal site and the dress shoe stepped out, it was no surprise to see Joey.

The live audience gasped like they had just witnessed a murder.


Joey walked towards Charity with all of the confidence of a man in love. He expressed his feelings for her, but just as he went to kneel on the ground, Charity stopped him by saying, “Wait!”

He looked up at her and asked, “You’re not ready?”

No, Joey. She’s not.

Charity ended their relationship through tears and a declaration that she’ll always love him.

She won’t and that’s going to definitely piss off Dotun later, but I get it.

Joey handled it with grace and tears as they clung to each other during their last goodbye.

Joey is going to be just fine

Back in the studio in front of a live audience, Joey has arrived and he looks good. Like, really good. Gone is the slicked-down hair, but his rizz is at full force.

Joey watched his last goodbye with tears in his eyes but he had nothing but respect when he finally saw Charity again.

Quite frankly, when Charity sat down with Joey it couldn’t be clearer that their chemistry was gone.

She is wifed up, and Joey is going to be just fine.

Everyone loves a happily ever after

The moment Dotun stepped onto the engagement platform Charity sagged with relief. She doesn’t have to be strong, or in control of the journey with him. She can just be his.

Before he got down on one knee Dotun told Charity that she taught him that, “A good thing can just be a good thing,” and that’s exactly what their love story felt like.

It’s just good. Damn good.

He proposed and she said yes with the biggest smile on her face and a giant oval-cut diamond on her finger.

I haven’t been this happy for a Bachelor couple in a very long time.

Back in the studio

Okay, so after Charity and Dotun’s big climactic ending, there were still nearly 40 minutes left in the 3-hour long finale.


Charity and Dotun started it off with big smiles. They’re still in love and engaged. Her mom even likes him now which is a plus. They said they plan to be married sooner than later and then Jesse gifted them with a trip to Greece.


But that’s not all! Jesse handed over the spotlight to Dotun to announce that Charity will be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

Don’t they know that ruins Bachelor relationships? Run away, Charity!

And the next Bachelor is…

Joey. Obviously, it’s Joey. Who else would it be?

Jesse had spent a portion of the night interviewing women in the audience because one of them would be on Joey’s season, but the moment they introduced a woman from Hawaii it was clear it was her.

  1. She was great on camera.
  2. They’re not stupid and having a Hawaiian woman on the season during the fire in Maui is good optics considering Joey is a (white) tennis pro transplant to the islands.

She was chosen in an awkward moment of introduction and then Jesse handed her an envelope that would “change everything” which she isn’t allowed to open until she enters the Bachelor mansion on night one.

Jesse summed up this entire franchise when he said “If you think this is weird just wait until you are in a hot tub surrounded by 75 cameras.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

As for this season? Nice work, Charity. I couldn’t have done it better myself.

The Golden Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise both premiere on Thursday, September 28th. Bachelor Thursday?!? I need to speak to the manager.
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