Overnight Dates in Fiji Were Not a Fantasy for Charity


One would think that a week in Fiji would be a fantasy no matter the circumstances. Not so much for our Bachelorette Charity. It turns out that back to back to back overnight dates with your three boyfriends who all know about each other is kinda a bummer.

Who could have guessed?

Charity is feeling the pressure


Fantasy Suite week Overnight dates week opened with Charity having a quick pre-game chat with Jesse. Charity is falling for all three men, but she’s also a type-A girly, so she has specific questions that she needs answered by each of the men this week.

  1. Is Xavier ready for commitment?
  2. Is Dotun too good to be true?
  3. Is she getting the real Joey?

Yeah, we know Charity, those have been their storylines for the past three episodes. Get to the good stuff.

Heart vs. Head


Xavier and Charity started off the week with a (metaphorical) bang on a private island where they participated in a traditional Fijian wedding ceremony…as the bride and the groom.

You know, because the best way to convince a man who is terrified of commitment is to make him recite vows while oiled up in a grass skirt.


Charity was living for the moment, but Xavier was mid-panic attack the whole date.

No really, at one point in his vows he compared Charity to “a delicate flower that he doesn’t want to crush.” His feet could not be colder.

At dinner that night, he told Charity that his heart is 100% with her but his head had his heart up against a wall in a chokehold. Then he took a deep breath and delivered the death knell. He had been unfaithful in his previous relationship.

*record scratch*

Xavier confessed to cheating on his girlfriend of two years multiple times over five days because “he wanted her to be something she wasn’t.”

More importantly, he just admitted to being guilty of Charity’s number one trigger.


Charity burst into tears and excused herself from the table for a moment before she collected herself and returned in full therapist mode. This woman pulled from every hour of her professional training and all of her feminine rage over the next several minutes.


She asked him what work he has done on himself to ensure that he would never repeat his offenses.

“I became more introspective.”

She asked what would stop him from doing it again in the future.

“I won’t put myself in bad situations with my boys on vacation.”

She asked if he was ready for commitment.

“I can be if we chose each other but it’s scary as hell to lose that freedom.”

Girl, run. This man and his knitting needles are for the streets.

Eventually, Charity picked up the date envelope that contained the key to their fantasy suite but she wielded it like a weapon.

She was only going to continue on with him if he is 100% ready to commit to her. He said the only way he could have 100% certainty is if they spent that night together.

Wrong answer.

Charity had had enough. She cares about Xavier, but she refuses to be anything other than true to herself and her standards.

Charity has done the work, so, Xavier was sent home.

It was such good tv.

Joey goes the distance


The next morning after she dumped fan-favorite Xavier, Charity remained an unbothered queen. She is on this show for one reason and one reason only. She’s not going to waste her time crying over a man who can’t give her what she needs.

Speaking of what she needs, here comes Joey for a fun ATV ride through the jungle. Unfortunately, their ATV broke down after approximately 30 seconds of driving and they had to hike through a shallow river until they reached their destination.

Charity was flustered by the change in plans, but Joey’s easygoing demeanor kept her grounded. She showed her appreciation by making out with him under a waterfall.

At dinner that night, Joey expanded on a conversation they had started on their hike. He explained that he was acting strangely in his hometown because he was nervous, not because he wasn’t being himself. Uncle Joe was just feeding off of his nervousness.

Then he told her that he knows he comes across as a confident, charming man, but he has times when he gets low and is crippled by self-doubt.

Charity was like, “I’m a therapist, so, same!”


He was so reassured by her response that he told her he is in love with her. Charity smiled and told him that she is in love with him too.

Not falling but IN LOVE.

They spent the night together and woke up saying “I love yous” back and forth. You guys, she told him that she’s been praying for a love like this.

When she dumps this man for Dotun he is going to be crushed.

Dotun + Charity 4eva

Charity and Dotun hopped on a couple of jet skis for their date, but it really didn’t matter what these two do. There’s always a spark.


Eventually, they beached their rides on a deserted island where they sat and talked about how perfect their relationship has been.

Dotun is the anti-Xavier. He admitted to Charity that he had no idea how this show ends until a few weeks ago when he asked one of the other guys. Even still, the idea of an engagement to Charity has never given him pause. He just feels lucky to know her.

That night Dotun told her that their story is a fairytale and the only thing that scares him is how unscared he is.

He told her that he was in love with her and she said it back to him in return.

If you’re keeping track that’s two confessions of being in love from the bachelorette. I’m old enough to remember when it was a huge deal when Ben Higgins did it.

Dotun and Charity spent the night together and woke up looking so happy I wanted to die.

Not this guy again

At this point Charity has said she’s fully in love with two men, so a happy ending is assured, right?

Not so fast, because just when she started to let down her guard here comes Aaron to ruin her peace.

Aaron was sent home last week after his hometown with a broken heart. It really messed him up that Charity said she was afraid she was making a mistake as she told him goodbye.

So he was taking the risk that she might want him back.

This seems like the easiest decision in the world to me (send that man home) but Xavier is gone and they need more drama. Charity ended the episode unsure of what she should do.

I hate a cliffhanger.

Next week is the Men Tell All. I can’t wait to see which earrings Brayden debuts.
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