Temptation Island Season Three is Finally Almost Here

Temptation Island 2021

Attention! Temptation Island season three is finally premiering on Tuesday, February 16th and my body is ready. Not like ready to swap spit with multiple strangers at a resort in Hawaii while my boyfriend does the same on the other side of the island; but, like, ready with my popcorn to judge them.

As a connoisseur of reality dating TV shows, I know there’s something out there for everyone. You may think that reality TV simply isn’t for you, but I’d argue that you haven’t had the right flavor of it yet. Think of me as your personal sommelier of smut.

If Married At First Sight is a light rosé and The Bachelor is a full-bodied Syrah, Temptation Island is straight tequila.

This is an advanced level reality tv dating show, but I believe in you.

The ‘OG’ of unscripted relationship series, Temptation Island follows four dating couples at the most vulnerable time in their relationships. They each must decide whether to commit to a lifetime together – or ultimately give in to the temptation waiting for them on the island. Together, the couples travel to the tropical paradise of Maui, Hawaii, where they join 24 sexy single men and women anxiously hoping to find “the one.” Brace yourselves for hot and heavy nights as these passionate love-hungry singles compete to steal the hearts of the four couples who have been separated and left to battle temptation.

I’ve already seen the first episode of Temptation Island season three and it does not disappoint. Plus, as always, Mark L. Wahlberg hosts with the perfect amount of sincerity and empathy to make you feel less depraved for watching.

(Photo by: John Tsiavis/USA Network)

 Temptation Island season three premieres this Tuesday, February 16th at 10pm ET/PT on USA Network

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