Bridgerton Book Club is Back, Babies!

Imagine you loved a really great book series that was being made into a really great Netflix series and a really great website had a really great book club for the first book and then … THEY LEFT YOU HANGING? 


Bridgerton Book Club started last month with a super fun discussion of Julia Quinn’s The Duke and I and if you missed it, it lives forever right here. 

It was a good time. Julie came out of the regency closet. We discussed Lady Whistledown, and our favorite Bridgerton siblings. And the tropes!!! ALL THE TROPES. And even the parts that didn’t sit quite right with readers. We ended the chat with a promise to bring your more book club realness, and the next Bridgerton book.

Don’t fret any longer about where Bridgerton Book Club has gone. It’s finally time to read The Viscount Who Loved Me with us at The Cool Table! Some of you (and some of us) have read it already. So let’s get ready to talk all things Anthony and Kate! 

We’re coming at you quick with the next installment of Bridgerton Book Club. We are meeting Tuesday, June 30th at 8pmEST. In the meantime chat with us on Twitter (@thecool_table) and Facebook (@thecooltablesite) about the VISCOUNT! 

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