The Cons Will Go On

My fellow nerds, we all mourned over the news that like your summer vacation and upcoming hair appointment, San Diego Comic Con was cancelled due to COVID19.

For the first time in fifty years, there would be no navigating through swarms of deodorant optional attendees on the convention floor. Farewell enduring Hall H hell just to have Henry Cavill lean over and smile at me while trying to take the perfect picture of his perfect side profile. So long living off overpriced Auntie Anne pretzels and Dasani water.

However, taking a cue from your family reunion Zoom calls, SDCC announced that SDCC will continue from the comforts of your home, and they’re not the only one.

Comic Con @ Home

When: July 22 – 26

Badges: Nope

Back in May, SDCC teased us that they would be holding Comic Con with, “comfy chairs, personalized snacks, and no lines.” Essentially, what heaven looks like to me.

Comic Con@Home promises to bring the exhibit halls, exclusive merchandise, and most importantly panels from all aspects of entertainment right to the comfort of your own home.

Will it be the same? Probably not. From my experience, there is a palpable excitement of being in the same room with content creators and actors, hearing their stories and experiences. Major studios rely on SDCC to showcase their newest ventures and to serve as a platform for exclusive announcements, and that exclusivity typically draws more attention and anticipation. While film and tv trailers are made public immediately after their SDCC premiere, studios like to screen exclusive footage and even entire episodes for only those audiences. Will that happen @Home? We’ll have to find out.

However, by opening up SDCC for public consumption online, the convention is providing non- Comic Con goers the chance to sample that typical four day whirlwind while also giving smaller studios and artists a wider breadth of attention that they may not have received beyond the convention walls.

Plus, let’s be honest, it’s giving us all something to do for those five days and like me, I’m sure your calendar is wide open.

DC FanDome

When: August 22nd

Badges/Tickets: It’s free!

So one studio that probably won’t be present at Comic Con@Home will be Warner Bros./DC. Why? Because they decided to hold their own one day virtual convention. 

The free event streams live on August 22nd, starting at 10 am PST and includes panels ranging from DC tv shows like The Flash and Supergirl to the DCU films including Aquaman, Harley Quinn, and even the fan driven release of “The Snyder Cut” Justice League. We’re also going to finally get to hear from the cast and director of the pushed back Wonder Woman 1984, and no, they will not be breaking out into a sing-a-long of John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Of course the panel we’re most excited about? I mean, is it any shock that it’s The BatmanWhen we first heard about the cancellation of SDCC, immediately we mourned over the loss of seeing Rob emerging into Hall H, nervously fidgeting with his hair, and fielding questions about his workout regimen and the size of the Batsuit’s codpiece. DC FanDome, you gave me back my hope.

If you can’t give me an uncomfortable Rob Pattinson, stumbling over this thoughts in Hall H, I will settle for Rob in the comfort of his own home, making WB executives nervous that he’s going to accidentally leak the film’s ending.

No Con? No problem! Don’t forget to check back here and follow us on Twitter for all of our virtual Con coverage!

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