Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory is Delightful

It’s not every author who can give you both a craving for cake and a new book boyfriend who is passionate about criminal justice reform; but, hey, it’s 2020 and author Jasmine Guillory has done just that. Her latest book, Party of Two, is so delightfully swoon-worthy and guilt-free, that you won’t even notice your kids planning a political revolution on TikTok while you devour it.


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In Party of Two, Max is a rich, charismatic, impulsive, junior US senator of California on a political rocket ship to stardom. Olivia is a successful, private, cautious, steady, attorney who recently opened her own law firm in Los Angeles. When the two meet as strangers in a hotel bar, Max sees Olivia and wants her, damn the consequences. But all Olivia sees is the headache of a national spotlight; even if he is ridiculously hot and sends her cakes with cute messages on them.

A clandestine relationship ensues with all of the fun of disguises, but eventually and inevitably, reality crashes in. Can they face the world together as a couple or will outside forces drive them apart?

Jasmine Guillory is masterful at portraying the harsh realities interracial couples face – in Party of Two Olivia is Black and Max is White – without making their relationship a caricature. These are real people with differing life experiences, but those differences are not swept away in the name of love. Rather, they are integral to how that love grows. She writes believable love stories with real world stakes, but not at the expense of the perfectly dreamy happily ever after that is the heartbeat of romance – and they are delightful.

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