New Books: Upcoming March Releases to Add to Your TBR

It’s that time again. February is coming to a close, and upcoming March new releases are right around the corner. Here are the new books that we are excited to read and have you read. 

New Books Releasing March 7

The Foxglove King

Politics, religion, forbidden romance, catacombs and death magic abound in this newest fantasy romance. 

The God of Endings

A 150-year-old female vampire is attending an elite fine arts school when her hunger for blood starts to grow just as an old nemesis and a new charge enter her long lived life. 


I read this in January and gave it 4.5 stars for being a gorgeous and twisty tale of three women connected through time, lineage and magic to aid one another in time of the greatest need. 


The Adventures of Amina al-Sarafi

From the highly acclaimed fantasy author, SA Chakraborty, comes a swash-buckling tale of a retired lady pirate who gets called back for one last high stakes sail, this time for kingly sum and a small girl. 

Lies We Sing to the Sea

A young adult debut of sapphic fantasy and myth retelling goodness where a sacrificed maiden takes revenge on Poseidon. 


An infamous villainess and queen plots how to take the power she has been denied from the gods and those who’ve wronged her. You had me at “for fans of Madeline Miller” as long as YOU MEAN IT. 


London Seance Society

You either read The Lost Apothecary or thought about reading it based on cover vibes alone. Now the author is back with some French seance goodies and you’ll read or want to read this one too. 

A Witch’s Guide to Fake Dating a Demon

She’s not a good witch because she summons a terrifying demon who is horny for her and who she then has to fake date to explain why he’s in her house. Yeah. 

The Portrait of a Duchess

She’s an activist artist who paints harlots and radicals, but is harboring a big ducal secret: she’s been married to a duke that she hasn’t seen in twenty years. Upending inequalities while trying not to fall in love with your middle-aged, estranged spouse AGAIN? YES. 


New Books Releasing March 14 

Now You See Us

Three Filipina domestic workers in Singapore decide to piece together the mysterious murder of one of the elites to aid the maid who was arrested for her employer’s murder. 


More than just another memoir of a wealthy woman hiding her addictions, Stash follows the pitfalls and privilege of a complicated purgatory for a Black woman in a white world. 

What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez

This highly anticipated debut it about a Long Island family that struggles over what to do when their long-lost sister seems to appear a decade after her disappearance on a reality TV show. 

The Love Wager

The old “oh no we slept together but we aren’t GOOD for each other so let’s help one another find love that’s totally not us” trope. 

New Book Releasing March 21 

Lucha of the Night Forest

A queer, young adult fantasy about a girl who strikes a dangerous bargain to save her sister. I think it has a sentient forest, which is very much MY JAM. 


New Books Releasing March 28

A House With Good Bones

Enter this one into the ranks of books that the new Sarah J Maas covers have cribbed, this Southern Gothic tale is all about buried secrets … and jars of teeth in the garden. 

The Angelmaker

I don’t know much about thrillers and serial killer books, but the publisher sent me this one with treats to open at certain points in the novel, so I’m gonna read it for the merch. 

Community Board

Literary fiction about small town life and a woman looking to isolate herself and finding she owes .. something … to the community around her. 


Find all of these new books right here (this is an affiliate link and we will get a tiny commission if you order through it). 



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