Book Review: Queen of Dust by H.E. Dare

We have now reached THE moment in our book reviewing journeys of 2023 where the Harper Collins Union has reached an agreement with Harper Collins US, and we can finally get to publishing all those languishing reviews of HC titles that we’ve been sitting on. Or to be more accurate with regards to me and this title, squirming on it. 

Queen of Dust by HE Dare

A reluctant and misunderstood royal is now a stoic virtuous soldier demoted and tasked as bodyguard to an infamously last-of-her-kind Balti Temptress (think high class courtesan without the transaction). They are returning to her decimated planet while her lover (the owner of a Tony Stark-like conglomerate) makes deals on other planets. He has tasked them to enjoy themselves. And they do. But not without sniping and bantering and hurting and loving one another in the process. It’s deliciously angsty and frustrating. The political machinations are wrapped up in an anti-capitalist sentiment that hits just right. There is a freight train of hot smut from page one. And the ONLY thing I would change is a longer denouement, as I would have liked their ultimate triumph and HEA to bask in its glory a little bit longer (and could have used one last sex scene).

Queen of Dust absolutely exceeded my expectations. Erotic scifi romance, set in space, rival political factions to lovers, bodygaurd + Anastasia vibes, with insane amounts of pining and angst! Just an incredible mix with smart prose, great dialogue and perfect pace.

Queen of Dust is easily going to be on all of the best romances lists of 2023. I couldn’t put it down.


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