February New Release Books

It’s that time again. It’s time to update your monthly TBR list with the new release February books that everyone will be talking about. Or, the new releases that you need to know about so that YOU can be the friend that everyone knows has the best taste in new books. 

February Books for Your TBR:

Historical Fiction

Time’s Undoing by Cheryl A Head

Ninety years after her great-grandfather’s unsolved murder in Birmingham, a young reporter named Meghan travels back down South to investigate what really happened and finds she may be in danger herself. Told in two points of view from two very disparate – and too similar – periods of time, this novel is based on the true events of the author’s real family history. Out Feb 28th


The Neighbor Favor Kristina Forest

A wallflower book worm needs charming neighbor to be her date to a wedding. Said wallflower had a wonderful email relationship with her pseudonymous favorite fantasy author who just happens to be said neighbor. We’re getting epistolary romance, ghosting, fake dating, forced proximity and bookish romance all in ONE romance novel? Perfect. Out Feb 28th 

End of Story* by Kylie Scott

I love Scott’s Stage Dive series, and this new romance looks so promising. The set-up seems simple: she’s renovating a home; the contractor is her recent ex’s best friend. BUT when demolishing a wall he finds a divorce certificate with their names on it, from ten years in the future. Out Feb 14th

Chaos Theory by Nic Stone

This young adult romance is centered around mental illness, addiction and loss and promises to be a gut punch of what’s it like finding love in the chaos. Out Feb 28th 

Fantasy/Magical Realism

A Day of Fallen Night  by Samantha Shannon 

In this prequel to the runaway fantasy hit, The Priory of the Orange Tree, Shannon tells the story of four women (and some dragons) in an earlier era whose extraordinary lives will intersect to help save humankind. I’ve heard it’s even longer than Priory. Out Feb 28th.

Black Candle Women* by Diane Marie Brown

Give me all the matriarchal magical realism that this book promises! Generations of women, living together, have to reckon with a decades-long curse on their family when the youngest of them brings a boy home. There are secrets, voodoo, magical books and 1950s New Orleans. Out Feb 28th 

The Crane Husband by Kelly Barnhill

When I started reading this book, I told myself that I would be more interested in the Crane Wife myth retelling than I would be terrified by the actual crane (I am scared of large birds). I was mostly right. This book is about a daughter who watches her mother bring home a six-foot crane for a partner and the abuse he inflicts on her. I had nightmares for quite awhile. Out Feb 28th

Delicious Monsters by Liselle Sambury

Part ghost story, part psychological thriller, Delicious Monsters puts two teenage girls in the clutches of a secluded mansion and the sadistic secrets that the house and their mothers bring home with them. Out Feb 28th. 

What new books are you reading in February? 



* These books are published by Harper Collins imprints. The Harper Collins Union has been on strike since November 2022, and The Cool Table supports their efforts to receive fair wages. 

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