Never Miss a Quarantine Happy Hour

The ubiquitous internet abbreviation, ICYMI (in case you missed it) has more meaning during this Era of Corona, when all of us are on the internet seemingly all the time, and yet we still can’t get all the Zoom notifications for hangouts with our far flung peeps before it’s too late. Maybe we shouldn’t be binging every episode of 30 Rock without stopping. Nevermind, we totally should. 

But ICYMI, we had the inaugural edition of Happy Hour at The Cool Table this week, and while so many of our absolute favorites were in attendance, there are those of you out there who were unable to get drunk and silly with us. And so, here are the veritable highlights. Click on the links to start the video at that point in the conversation. 

The Dranks

A glass of Cab Sav, an orange Yeti of Clockwork Tangerine, a bottle of Edna Valley Pinot Noir, a 2013 US Open pint glass filled with a lovely Paloma, and a mason jar of vodka cranberry was our first round

Crushed It/Rushed It

Pool cleaning, room-momming, hedge-trimming, digital economy shopping and conference call sewing: we crushed it.  

We cleaned out closets and realized we have no place to donate our bags of clothes. We don’t know how to get off phone calls. We failed at packing our death suitcase for the hospital. We can’t be arsed to finish puzzles. Defended Settlers of Catan. We rushed some stuff this week. 

Did You See … 

The following things are all the awesome stuff we saw online this week.

We definitely didn’t talk about Tiger King.

Did yall see the hydro flask in the background of Little Women? Also a tractor trailer full of toilet paper went up in flames.

Amy has been loving The Dutch House by Ann Patchett: a book about absolutely nothing but family drama. 

Karen proves what it’s like to be an Enneagram 3 by telling Beth she should admire Reese Witherspoon’s power and clout. Ew. 

Do not let your teenagers watch Big Mouth, but you should watch Big Mouth. Amy and the delicate Frenchman are watching Killing Eve and of course, Schitt’s Creek

Julie’s been feeling good watching Late Night Shows from their living room. Karen is watching old shows again, eventually: Godless. Sharp Objects

Until Next Time … 

We will all be watching and reading different things: Ruby Dixon on Kindle Unlimited. The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin. The Priest by Tiffany Reisz. The Lord I Left by Scarlett Peckham. Transcendence (CAVEMAN LOVE) by Shay Savage. Heidi is binge-watching the newest season of Married at First Sight. Amy is watching Making It season 2 with her QUARANTWEEN. And the new PBS WWII show. Julie suggests JoJo Rabbit. And I would like everyone to quit acting like The Office is their favorite show if they didn’t watch it in real time in 2006. Get away from my first fandom. 



That’s it for the first ever Happy Hour at The Cool Table! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notifications for the next time we get drunk live on the internet! 


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