Law and Order’s Detective Stabler is returning to television

Move over, John Krasinski*…actor Christopher Meloni is bringing #SomeGoodNews of his own: Detective Stabler is coming back to the Law & Order universe.

*Just kidding John, you remain The Greatest™, in our hearts and the Mirriam-Webster dictionary, probably.

Cowboy Detective Take Me Away

No, you’re not dreaming. God (and NBC) really are bringing Elliot Stabler back to us in our time of need. And by “time of need” I mean “hahahahaha actually in a bajillion weeks when this coronavirus horror is far behind us and television is being produced again”. But even the far off possibility of the hunky, besuited detective once again gracing my television screen is enough to distract me from my raging #stayhome cabin fever. It’s the little things, people.

NBC announced on Tuesday that Meloni has signed a 13-episode deal with NBC to headline his own show, with Detective Stabler coming out of retirement to head up an organized crime task force. Watch out Mafia dons, Elliot and his unswerving dedication to justice are coming for your NY-based syndicates!

And perhaps we’ll finally get answers to those random questions that have been taking up precious space in our grey matter for the last ten years. Did Elliott ever conquer his anger issues? How is his marriage? Is daughter Kathleen managing her bipolar disorder? Is Elliot Jr a rebellious teenager? What hobbies did he take up during retirement? Has he watched Tiger King? Me/America needs to know, for reasons.

C is for Crossover

At least half of the excitement of seeing Detective Stabler again is actually the hope of seeing him reunited with his former partner/BFF Olivia Benson in one or more crossover episodes. I understand why they aren’t sending him back to SVU; being around pedophiles and child abusers brought out the rage monster in him. Plus Mariska Hargitay is leading that show on her own just fine thanks. But surely there are a multiple circumstances when special victims and organized crime could work together on a case, no?

Photo courtesy of NBC

Who else remembers the greatest moral dilemma of wanting to ship Benson and Stabler, but also not wanting Elliott to cheat on his childhood sweetheart Kathy? They were my OG Problematic Ship, but 15 years later I just want to see these old friends reunite onscreen. Platonically.

And if they can swing a Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover? Well that’s just the icing on the third cake I’ve eaten this week.

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