Adam Driver Hosted SNL Again, and It Was Very Educational

The new year is only 26 days old, but damn, it’s been full of some pretty bleak shit. Impeachment trials, blatant government corruption, escalating tension with Iran, a coronavirus epidemic.

And then there is the small matter of an entire continent currently on fire with an estimated one billion animals killed. AND they just killed off Nancy Drew so that two white men can solve her murder. Go home, 2020. You’re a real drag.

Thankfully, a hero stepped in to offer us a small respite from the doom and gloom. For 90 minutes last night — including commercials — we could laugh and forget our real very troubles.

That hero was Adam Driver.

Adam hosted SNL for the third time, and it was the comedic balm our weary souls needed. It was also surprisingly educational. Here are some things we learned about Adam, life, and ourselves.

Adam is actually very chill, plus other “big reveals”

He fully admitted some things that anyone with an internet connection could have discovered in 30 seconds. He’s married. He has a son, and he was a US Marine. But in an SNL exclusive, he revealed that he’s seen Little Women! Actually, we could have figured that out, since he’s good friends with Little Women director, Greta Gerwig. When bros are like, “I will see Bad Boys Again/Too/Two but I ain’t going anywhere Little Women,” Adam says, “More seat choices at the matinee for me, then!”

Satan has a podcast — and she invented the genre!

Satan is also Kate McKinnon. I’m not saying I want to end up there or anything, but…maybe a short visit. Just long enough to get “I’m in hell, doo-doo-do-doo-do-doo” stuck in my head.

Let’s agree to forget that Adam played a good Jeffrey Epstein

I don’t want to talk about it.


God is Real

How do I know? BECAUSE UNDERCOVER BOSS: KYLO REN CAME BACK, BABY. The original legendary SNL skit stole our hearts back in 2016 and they finally — FINALLY! —  gave us more. Matt the Radar Tech walked so Randy the Intern could run. And Randy the Intern is a Reylo.

It was also likely the last time Adam Driver will ever play Kylo Ren. After the disappointment lot of us felt after of The Rise of Skywalker, Star Wars and Ben Solo fans NEEDED this skit. Thank you Saturday Night Live, from the bottom of our hearts. The joy on Twitter was palpable. So….yeah. God is real (and possibly also a Reylo).

Also, the Frozen live action remake — you know it’s inevitable — found its Kristoff. I don’t hate it. Suddenly feeling a need to hear Adam singing “Reindeer are better than people,” and yelling at Anna for getting engaged to someone she just met that day.

Twitter is thirsty for Adam’s arms

Can…can you blame me them? Did Adam invent biceps?!?

As much as I loved and needed Undercover Boss, the musical skit “Slow” had me weeping with laughter.

The Weekend Update stuck it to the Oscars

In one of the episode’s boldest statements, Melissa Villaseñor pointed out that the central theme for this year’s Oscar nominees seems to be celebrating “white male rage”. Well she’s not wrong.

Adam is the Cheer coach we didn’t know we wanted

This skit probably would have made more sense if I’d actually watched Cheer. (Watch Cheer, Janna! -Amy). But it looks hilarious.

Honestly, the fanfic for this skit writes itself:

“Ben Solo is a cheer coach, losing his enthusiasm for the sport. Rey is a college cheerleader of consenting age, determined to make it to Daytona. Sparks fly off, and on, mat.”

Netflix got it all wrong

Gonna tell my kids this was The Witcher. And I would also read this fanfic.

This has been an Adam Driver appreciation post. What was your favorite skit from last night? Who do you love more, Matt the Radar Tech or Randy the Intern? There is no wrong answer.

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