John Krasinski Remains The Purest with #SomeGoodNews

If you are new around here, you may not know that I began my fandom journey by falling in absolute love with John Krasinski about 15 years ago. When I discovered The Office during its first season (I was actually waiting for it to air because I had been a fan of the UK version), I wanted to like it, but I had no idea I was going to absolutely LOVE the actor playing Jim Halpert.

But such is fandom. That’s how it goes. You start off just liking a thing, and it ends up ruining your life. (Although, thank you for the fanfiction).

John proved to be not just a great Jim, but a good guy, a fantastic interviewee, a fun storyteller and my favorite part of my favorite show. But fandoms come and go, and Jack Ryan happened and I wasn’t sure I was ever going to reignite my early aught’s love for JKras.

But then we all got quarantined at home and John did this.


Bringing us the best of the internet, Some Good News is John’s effort to curate the good stuff that’s coming out of the worst time and bringing it to us via his own personal office. It is as adorable and pure as he is.


And so, with one fell swoop and one questionably produced internet video … John Krasinski remains the purest form of joy. He remains the best. Thank you, JKras, for #SomeGoodNews.


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