Married At First Sight Atlanta is the Hot Mess We Need

Listen, after approximately day 3,450,709 of distance learning with my three elementary-age children, it’s officially spring break. SPRING BREAK?! They’ve been in my house for the last three decades. More like spring “break me out of this house before I lose my mind.” Good thing Married at First Sight Atlanta is here to give me the sweet, sweet escape from reality I crave.

It’s like lounging on the beach in Cabo only instead it’s watching ten strangers meet, get married, and then alternatively hate and love each other for six weeks while I judge them.

Spring break 2021!!

Married At First Sight Atlanta

We’re no strangers to Married at First Sight here. I’ve proselytized for MAFS (you won’t regret searching that hashtag on twitter) from New Orleans all the way to Australia. But, I’m telling you, there’s something special about the current season in Atlanta.

Maybe it’s because it was filmed in the middle of a pandemic when people were so desperate for human interaction that they were more willing to marry a stranger.

Perhaps it’s because half of the cast has either a drinking problem or hates their spouse’s dogs.

Maybe it’s because they filmed in the middle of the presidential election and matched people with opposing political views…in Georgia.

Or wait, I know! It’s because one of them found out on their honeymoon that their ex-fiance was pregnant with their child.

See, I told you, it’s the hot mess we deserve.

Spring break 2021!

You can watch Married At First Sight Atlanta on the Lifetime Channel every Wednesday at 8/7c. Or you can save them up as I do and binge-watch in a locked bathroom while your kids knock incessantly on the door. Just a suggestion. 




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