COVID-19 Is About to Hit ‘Married at First Sight: New Orleans’ and It Is Mesmerizing

These days I prefer fantasy over reality. Give me all of the romance novels, family-friendly movies, and serene baking competitions, thanks. However, there is one area in my entertainment repertoire where I am happily embracing the impending doom of reality.

Covid-19 quarantine life is about to hit the cast of Married at First Sight: New Orleans and it is mesmerizing.

Season 11 of Married at First Sight began filming in February of 2020, you know, back when weddings were still happening. If you’ve ever seen a past season, this year’s follows the same basic storyline as always. Five couples met and got legally married as strangers. They live together, and then, after a few months, decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce.

This is quality trash entertainment in any year; but in standard 2020 fashion, MAFS New Orleans has kicked it up a notch with one major twist. We all know the Corona Virus is coming and they’re about to be quarantined with their new stranger spouse.

I can’t get enough.

It’s mesmerizing to watch these couples fight about normal life things knowing that literally none of it is going to matter a couple of weeks in their future.

Olivia and Brett’s main point of contention is that he likes to save his money by staying home and she likes to go out every night. Guess who’s about to win that fight?

Bennett and Amelia are perhaps the most perfectly matched couple in the show’s history. However, Bennett isn’t sure if he wants to follow his stranger-wife to a new city for her medical school residency. Jokes on you, she’s an essential worker now, sucker.

Karen is an introvert who wants to take things slow with her husband, Miles. She needs her routines in place and space to figure out what she’s feeling. So sorry about that Karen. You’ll never be alone again.

Henry and Christina have completely different world views and barely tolerate one another as it is. I, for one, can’t wait to watch them argue about Dr. Fauci’s credibility, because Christina needs to go back to work as a flight attendant.

And then there’s Amani and Woody who are perfect and will probably be one of those couples who play puzzles and makes a quarantine baby.

It’s going to be a disaster.

In previous weeks’ episodes, the couples ate crawfish with their hands at a restaurant. With their hands! At a restaurant! It’s like watching a slow-moving car crash where everyone is a consenting participant and the only thing at risk is their sanity.

I can’t look away.


You can watch Married at First Sight: New Orleans Wednesdays on Lifetime.

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