Enola Holmes is on Netflix TODAY!

It’s a little bit Anne of Green Gables scampiness, mixed with a lot of Salvatore bros hotness, and topped off with a bunch of fourth wall breaking like an episode of Gentleman Jack. It’s Enola Holmes, and it’s streaming right now on Netflix. 

I’ve been trying for a couple of months now to decide if I was going to watch this or not. It seems like we have plenty of vehicles with which to sate our thirst for both Sherlock Holmes and Henry Cavill. Did we need another? 

Enola Holmes is much less about your adult lady thirst, and much more an old school Disney mystery with a young adult novel flair. Fifteen to twenty years ago it would have starred Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth and that kid from The Client. It’s the perfect movie to sit and watch with your kids. So, keep your thirst down, olds.  

Are you planning to watch Enola Holmes

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