Tessa Bailey’s Tools of Engagement is Here

By the ninth month of this year I’ve come to accept that the rest of my Goodreads book challenge will be all romance all the time. Give me two messed up characters who fall in love and eat dinner inside restaurants without wearing masks and I’m sold. The rest of the world has enough of a built in cliffhanger; my books need a guaranteed happy ending – pun intended.

If that’s you, and of course it is, then Tessa Bailey’s latest book, Tools of Engagement, is here in the nick of time.

In Tessa Bailey’s latest rom-com, two enemies team up to flip a house… and the sparks between them might burn the place down or ignite a passion that neither can ignore!

Bethany Castle looks like she has it all together. Her house, her clothes, her job, even her ponytail is perfect. But behind all of that perfection, she’s hiding a deep well of insecurity. When she takes the plunge to step away from her family’s business on a house flip of her own, much younger, totally inappropriate, extremely hot cowboy/contractor/uncle raising his niece Wes Daniels comes along.

The chemistry between these two is next level.

When they’re not fighting they’re flirting and it’s just really great. Add in the pressures of a reality TV show competition that is pitting Bethany’s flip against her brother’s and the fire between these two just hops off of the pages.

You don’t need to have read the rest of Tessa Bailey’s Hot & Hammered series to appreciate Tools of Engagement but don’t be surprised if you find yourself purchasing those next.

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