We’re Saved! The Great British Baking Show Returns September 25th

What’s this?? Good things, two days in a row? Yesterday we got the long-awaited trailer for Season 2 of The Mandalorian, and today we were #blessed with the news that The Great British Baking Show is returning to save our sanity and sooth our cold, jaded souls.

This is the most excited I have felt in months. If we’re being completely honest, I’ve been In A Place™ for a while now, but particularly the last month or so. Thanks to *vaguely waves hand at the dozens of different dumpster fires, plus the literal fires that are slowly poisoning my lungs *, my mental health has been as a brittle as Paul Hollywood’s biscotti. I’ve been yearning for a heaping medicinal dose of GBBO since at least June, which was approximately three years ago.

And lo, salvation is nigh! And it cometh in the form of Victoria sponges, naughty baking innuendos, and precious British idiosyncrasies. Just take that warm, gooey, deliciously uplifting, calorie free goodness and inject it straight into my veins, please. Mama needs endorphins.

Meet the Bakers

Did the jaunty theme song bring a tear to your eye? Did your saliva glands kick into overdrive? Are you experiencing an overwhelming craving for cake? Is the oven preheating right now? Or is that just me?

This new season also introduces new host Matt Lucas, who replaces Sandi Toksvig. I can’t wait to get to know these lovely souls, and admire their artistic creations while simultaneously despairing at ever achieving that level of baking ability.

The US will be able to watch a new episode of Great British Baking Show every Friday beginning September 25th. Which is perfect, because Friday nights are date nights in my house, and nothing says romance like ordering in Korean and placing a friendly wager on who will win Star Baker. Winner gets…never mind.

On Your Marks…Get Set…Bake! The Great British Baking Show returns to Netflix September 25th.


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