Announcing: Bingerton, a Bridgerton Watch Party

Somedays, it pays off to spend two hours drinking an entire bottle of Prosecco live on the internet because your slurred words engender the perfect title to your newly planned, but yet to be named, Bridgerton Watch Party. (View that moment here). You are cordially invited to BINGERTON. 

We’ve known for almost two years that Bridgerton was coming, and yet it’s taken us until just a few days before to get our ducks in a row and decide how to watch it with all of you. Because that’s the fun of having a beloved regency romance novel series come to your streaming services. FREAKING OUT ABOUT IT TOGETHER ON THE INTERNET. 


Bingerton Schedule:

Beginning Christmas Day and through New Year’s Day, we will be online at 3pmEST/noon PST ready to fire up the Netflix and watch an episode with you. We will be on our Twitter live-tweeting with the hashtag #Bingerton and #TheCoolTable, natch. We will also pop on to Instagram Live to chat during and after. If you’d live to join us on IG Live, you can ask to be added! It’s going to be so much fun! Click on the links above to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. 

Then, after eight days of binging Bridgerton, we will meet up live on YouTube and Facebook for a final Bingerton Live After Party! It will start at 8pmEST like all of our live hangouts do, and there will be much drinking and rejoicing! Be sure to follow and subscribe so you don’t miss it when we go live. 


Catch all our Bridgerton coverage here at The Cool Table! 

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