What Is The Cool Table?

For the past several years, five friends have been living in text threads and Twitter DMs discussing all things entertainment and pop culture. We’ve been online writing book and film reviews, lifestyle and current events editorials. You’ve seen (heard?) us hosting podcasts, live video recap shows and other forms of pop culture commentary. Interviewing celebrities at premieres and comic-cons became old hat. We’ve been doing a lot. And now, we are doing it together – officially. At The Cool Table.

Whenever someone found our online community, our articles, or our interviews, they would invariably say the same thing. “I’ve found my people! Thank you for letting me sit with y’all at the cool table!” So when it came time to branch out together and create an online space that was all ours, the name came easy. The Cool Table. We’d been holding that distinction for years anyway.

This is the spot for women to talk about all the things they’ve found themselves obsessed with, and aren’t sure why. Even if you were never at the cool table in high school, this is still the place for you. The internet’s cool table doesn’t require anyone to wear pink or skip lunch for no good reason. It’s just us – having honest, intelligent, hilarious, clever and ridiculous discussions about all things pop culture. And entertainment and current events and books and trending topics. You get it. 

So, if you’ve ever fallen into an Instagram hole fancasting your favorite romance novel hero, read every obscure theory about the latest episode of The Mandalorian, talked to premium television showrunners like they are petulant ex-boyfriends, or lightly internet stalked the new cast of The Bachelor – we are saving you a seat at The Cool Table.

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