We Are Saving You A Seat

If you’ve spent any time on the internet in the last decade, you know that it can often be a frightful and lonely walk through an over-crowded cafeteria, like a digital embodiment of the high pressure “Where y’all sitting?” lunch table meme. Every time you bump into a website, Facebook group or community, it’s like bumping up against a table filled with people you don’t know, some people you are dying to know and a bunch of people you aren’t sure you’re ever going to like. Sometimes, you sit down, thinking a table looks clean and the people look normal, only to find out halfway through the first meme throwdown or political argument, that you have made a critical mistake.

Sit By Us

We know that pain, and we are here to tell you: you’ve found your spot at The Cool Table. No more wandering through the aisles looking for the right mix of smarts, snark and self-deprecation.

If you are dying to geek out about how much you love Hallmark Christmas movies, but also recognize their horribleness, sit by us.

If you want to rage against the current state of the patriarchy but still be cool with the pink hues on your velvet duvet cover, sit by us.

If you want to figure out all the Reylo conspiracies that no one at your work would even understand, let alone tolerate, sit by us.

If you want to read nothing but Kindle Unlimited Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy novels and never EVER put them on your Goodreads shelf, please know we have a big old embarrassing seat right here for you.

The Cool Table

At The Cool Table

The Cool Table is more than just a tongue-in-cheek way to describe our gang and our place on the internet. It’s more than just a self-deprecating way to describe our website. It’s an all-inclusive hangout meant for everyone who ever needed a place to sit and just fangirl away, without having to wade through the crazies to get there. Relax, you found your people. We’ve been saving you a seat at The Cool Table.

The Cool Table

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And go ahead and browse our site for the things we were so excited about we simply couldn’t wait until we launched to tell you about them. My 2019 Book List, Heidi’s Advice for the Bachelor cast, Amy’s forgiveness of HBO, and Julie’s love of a certain BebĂ©. We’ve been keeping those seats warm with all kinds of nonsense.

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