Let’s Speculate: Outlander Season 5 Episode Titles

Sometime in the wee hours of yesterday, the Outlander internet got some pixelated, unconfirmed reports on the episode titles for season five. Despite the dubious origins of this information, we decided it would be more fun to speculate about them than to ignore them altogether. I mean, what harm can come from innocent speculation? Let’s wreak havoc on the fandom, shall we?

Outlander Season 5 Episodes … so far

501: “Better to Marry Than Burn” by Stephanie Shannon

Episode titles mean everything and nothing. The season premiere’s title is a quote from the first book (and the Bible) that Jamie relays to Claire when discussing his dalliance with Laoghaire. The early chapters of The Fiery Cross include Roger and Brianna’s wedding, as well as Jocasta’s planning. Seems fairly straightforward that we will see Roganna/Breeger get hitched. BUT … the quote does refer to good old Laoghaire, and you never know when she’ll make an appearance!

502: “Between Two Fires” by Toni Graphia and Luke Scheelhaas

We know that early in the season the major tension will be between Jamie’s dedication to his kinsmen (and Murtagh and therefore the Regulators) and his deal with Governor Tryon that will muster a militia for the British in time of need in exchange for his tract of land known as Fraser’s Ridge. With that in mind, “Between Two Fires” could be the beginning of that war, and those tensions.

503: “Famous Last Words” by Danielle Berrow

The only famous last words that I know of in this book series are the ones at the END of The Fiery Cross when Jamie tells Claire: “If my last words are not ‘I love you,’ ye’ll ken it’s because I didna have time.” As much as I love that quote, I am SURE there is more here than that. The writer of this episode is new to the credit, but not the show. She has been on the Outlander crew since season 2 as a historian and assistant to Matt and Toni. Poor thing.

504: “Free Will” by Luke Scheelhaas

I can’t even begin to speculate on this episode, especially since I’m barely into Part Two of my re-read of The Fiery Cross. But what I can say is that Luke Scheelhass wrote a VERY in-character episode for Jamie in season 4 (“The Deep Heart’s Core”), and I will always be grateful for any writer who does their level best to get Jamie right.

505: “Mercy Shall Follow Me” by Megan Ferrell Burke

No good church girl with a preacher for a father doesn’t know Psalm 23, and its connotations. But a bad Outlander fan might have no idea how this relates to season or book five. It IS part of the title of a very late chapter in A Breath of Snow and Ashes, book 6, where a certain someone kills someone else. And I know it’s taken from the psalm of restoration and protection and … finality. And I know the writer is new and untested. Cautious expectations, my friends.

506: “Monsters and Heroes” by Shaina Fewell

“Monsters and Heroes” is a direct link to the title of chapter 101 of The Fiery Cross, which … I should tell you because that might not be immediately obvious … is VERY late in the book. It refers to Stephen Bonnet and the is-he-monster-or-man conversation. If episode 505 goes where it looks like it might, it stands to reason that this episode will break it all down.

But, Shaina Fewell wrote two not-so-great episodes of season 4: “If Not for Hope” which was painfully bland, ignored important setups from earlier in that season and highlighted the tawdry in a consensual same sex encounter. And “Blood of my Blood” which was meandering and completely misused the main tension of that episode, much to my personal dismay at the time. I WAS NOT A FAN.

507: “Perpetual Adoration” by Alyson Evans and Steve Kornacki

The only perpetual adoration that I recall is the one in the first book. Claire offers to sit in perpetual adoration while Jamie is healing from his horrific attacks. No clue what this episode could be. 

508: “The Ballad of Roger Mac” by Toni Graphia

Well I think we all know where this one is going.

509: “The Company We Keep” by Barbara Stephansky

When I first saw this title I immediately thought it referenced literal companies … of soldiers … and that glimpse of red-coated Jamie that we saw in the trailer. Perhaps after some of the more personal stakes of this season, this episode gets back to the bigger problems, and the war.

510: “The Fiery Cross” by Matthew B Roberts

Do we really need to speculate on this one? No, no we do not.

511 and 512: TBD

The final episodes are yet to be titled, but are written by Diana Gabaldon and Matt and Toni, respectively. With so much popping up of book 6 in this speculation, I truly don’t know how this season will end. But I do have a question for all of you: when do you think we will get the microscope scene?


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