In the Waterweeds, A Hangoutlander Book Club

Go Tell the Barbs That We Are Done … reading Bees. Well, almost done. Enough done to bring Hangoutlander back. 

Join us as we discuss Diana Gabaldon’s latest epic, Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone on January 11 at 9pmEST. At least, we will be discussing the first half-ish of the book (because who could possibly have read it all by now anyway?).

In the Waterweeds is our Hangoutlander Book Club. It’s time to get together, get drunk and talk Jamie and Claire, Diana’s editor (and where her body is hidden), and all things #RidgeShit. Join us on YouTube or Facebook

Hangoutlander will be LIVE and In the Waterweeds January 11th at 9pm EST. 

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