Sarah J. Maas’s House of Sky and Breath Ruined Me

House of Sky and Breath

I’m a reader. I’ve been a reader since the first grade when I found out that I was behind the rest of my classmates and my toxic competitive nature kicked in. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading at least two books at a time. My first AIM screenname was “InaBook.”

Reading is my whole personality.

So when I tell you that I haven’t touched another book since I finished the last page of Sarah J. Maas’s latest novel, you know it’s serious.

House of Sky and Breath has ruined me in the best way possible.

As someone who was a very reluctant reader of Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass series and a voracious evangelist of her A Court of Thorns and Roses series, I was always going to read the Crescent City books. However, I didn’t expect them to completely take over my life.

I don’t think I even remembered to eat or remind my children to bathe while I turned the pages of House and Sky and Breath.

Demons from Hel could have broken into my bedroom while I read and I wouldn’t have noticed.

At one point I was walking my dogs with the book in front of my face and a car honked at me so I wouldn’t die walking into the street.

I was that sucked in.

And then that ending! I immediately went into a Reddit theory spiral the likes of which I haven’t experienced since those Prince William rumors.

It has been days and I can’t even look at the next book on my TBR list without wanting to start a reread of everything Sarah J. Maas has ever written.

The book hangover is so real.


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To be clear, you absolutely cannot read House of Sky and Breath without at least reading its predecessor, House of Earth and Blood; but you won’t regret doing so.

Basically, these stories are about a group of immortal fae, angels, shifters, humans, and every other kind of fantastical magical creature you can think of who live together in a world that is ruled by an all-powerful murderous group of mysterious god-like creatures.

There’s magic, murder, fated mates, mystery, politics, royal courts, and super-steamy love interests.

If that sounds awful I get it, I would have said the same thing before I tried them too. But I was wrong and so are you.

These books aren’t going to change the world. They’re not going to win any prestigious literary awards or end up as classics. I’m certain we’ll realize that they’re problematic at some point in the near future. Nevertheless, they’re still going to sell a shitton of copies because what the world needs now is a ridiculously readable book to escape into that will absolutely destroy you.


Get ruined by House of Sky and Breath 

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