Grishaverse Goodies Are Coming

You don’t have to sit around The Cool Table for long to know me well enough to fully understand that I cannot bypass a gorgeous Collector’s Edition of a good novel.

Throw in that it’s one of my favorite series? That will eventually be one of my favorite TELEVISION series? I own twelve already.

Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse books are stellar young adult fantasy, and I’ve been obsessed with them SINCE THE BEGINNING. My review of Siege and Storm was a doozy. The upcoming Netflix series and its amazing cast has lit another fire under my Grishadoration, so the announcement of the new edition of Shadow and Bone and the brand new illustrated The Lives of Saints almost hurts it feels so good.

That’s right. Fierce Reads announced last week that there are two new additions to the Grishaverse headed to bookstores for collectors and fans: a gorgeous collectors’ edition of Shadow and Bone and a FULLY ILLUSTRATED edition of The Lives of Saints! We get to hold what Alina holds! We will know ALL THE THINGS!

The Lives of Saints is an important piece in the Shadow and Bone trilogy, known as the Istorii Sankt’ya to Alina, where she begins to understand the gravity of Sankt Ilya in Chains and Sankta Ursula, among others. Most importantly, we will be getting the story of The Starless Saint. You know him better as The Darkling.

You need to head to Fierce Reads to see the previews of the gorgeous illustrations by Dan Zollinger. And you need to pre-order because October 6th cannot get here fast enough.

Speaking of October 6th, could it be that the publication of these new editions will coincide with a very important premiere date for a show we cannot wait for?

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