Book Lovers by Emily Henry is Finally Here

book lovers

Romance readers rejoice! Book Lovers by Emily Henry is finally here.

Prepare yourselves for every trope to be turned on its head in the best way possible.

You know how in every Hallmark or Lifetime holiday movie the lead falls for a small-town baker and dumps their big-city high-profile girlfriend or boyfriend? Book Lovers is that story told from the perspective of the high-profile girlfriend who got dumped.

And it’s so, so good.

book lovers by Emily Henry
Nora likes expensive things and she works hard to get them. She likes designer shoes and her platinum blonde hair. She’s the type of woman who would unapologetically talk about her botox. She’s voraciously good at her job as a literary agent and doesn’t care that it intimidates some people. She exercises for stress relief, is always put together, never wants to leave New York City, and she keeps getting dumped by her boyfriends in exchange for small-town, low-maintenance women.


When Nora’s sister, Libby, asks her to spend a month in the small town that inspired Nora’s client’s best-selling book she agrees because she’ll do anything for her sister. Even if that means following through with Libby’s vacation bucket list from hell of every small-town romance trope possible. We’re talking about everything from riding a horse to saving a small business.

However, when she gets there and finds that her super hot, super taciturn nemesis from NYC, Charles, is also there everything changes.

Book Lovers turns the small-town trope that we all know on its head in the most delightful way. But more than that, this is a story about self-acceptance and being seen (and loved) for who you are.

Also, it’s super hot and I’d die for Charles.

Read Book Lovers by Emily Henry today and check out our other book recommendations.

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