Get Duked! Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Confession: it has been months since I’ve made it through an entire movie without falling asleep within the first 30 minutes. I figure the only good thing about theaters still being closed in my county is that I can watch movies from the comfort of my home. However, like a Give a Mouse a Cookie book, if you give a mom a couch in the dark, she’s going to want a nap.

Get Duked! on Amazon Prime broke my movie nap streak.

There is no higher praise.

According to IMDb, Get Duked! is about trio of teenage miscreants (who) are given one last chance to turn their lives around by completing the Duke of Edinburgh Award trek across the highlands. Along for ride is one little overachiever who is in this for the opportunity to pad his CV. They don’t have anything in common, but the ragtag quartet are dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a map and they have to work together to reach their campsite before dark. However, they aren’t as alone as they think, and soon they are being stalked by wealthy aristocrats who intend to hunt and kill them for sport, and they only have their wits to protect them.”

If the setting of the Scottish highlands doesn’t sell it for you, rest assured, this movie is hilarious.

I mean, laughing at the antics of Gen Z on TikTok is basically my full time job at this point anyway. Add in the utter joy and escapism of watching three complete idiots best evil aristocrats while high and with a fork? Solid gold.

I haven’t laughed this hard watching a movie in ages.

You can watch Get Duked! on Amazon Prime now.


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