This Xennial Reacts to The Dune Trailer

We need to talk about the Dune trailer.

If you’re a woman of a certain age, you definitely grew up in a time where every guy that you dated was into Star Wars, D&D and … Dune. You sat on a scratchy 70’s couch in some guy’s basement, ate Butterfinger bites and were forced to watch Dale Cooper fight light squares. 

So you know about Dune



If you’re like me, in 2001 you wrote a paper in one of your many literature classes about sci-fi fantasy novels and unexamined imperialism, and you relied heavily on Frank Herbert’s Dune, despite the fact that you are pretty sure you never actually read it. 

I think I read it, but I can’t remember if I’ve read it. 

So despite having written this article, Hot Dudes of Dune, way back in April of 2020, where I talk about all the hot dudes and girls of the upcoming Dune movie, have I read this book? Because I really made it sound like I had read this book. Which is probably exactly what I did to get an A on that SFF paper. 

But more importantly, do I want to read this book now? 

And I ask this question because I’m the kind of person who really likes to read a book before I see an adaptation of the movie or a television show. No surprise there; I have made it my entire personality. It really matters to me, and I think this one would really be worth it. It’s not like I’m looking at Frank Herbert’s Dune and thinking, “that book’s probably not good,” like, I know it’s probably good. 

Real talk: I don’t want to read it. It looks long. And I have a lot of other stuff to read right now. 

And I think I have PTSD from being a 90s girl who really wanted certain types of guys to be into me. (Don’t worry; I married someone who has probably never heard of Dune, and he just called and asked if I wanted him to pick me up some coffee and bring it home because we ran out this morning.)

And isn’t Dune, since it’s almost 60 years old, full of problematic tropes? Paul Atreides is Peak White Savior, right? Right? 

Maybe it’s possible for me to go into this movie knowing that I love everyone in the cast, knowing that story is probably amazing, knowing that’s super up my alley, but not actually knowing and loving the characters beforehand, and not come out of it and wondering if I can get a House Atreides tattoo. 

I spent so much time reading Game of Thrones when that show was announced, and like, it was good, I’m glad I did, but there are a lot of romance novels I’d rather get to right now. And after that last season, that House Lannister shoulder-piece is looking bleak. 

Anyway, Dune. Thoughts? 

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