Destroying the Patriarchy With the Women of The 355

Five women, all with a particular skill set, come together to fight an invisible threat. Using their intelligence, power, and feminine wiles, they prove that separately they are a formidable force but together, they’re practically invincible. Oh, and men need not apply, but it’s nice to look at them. Welcome to The 355. 

Staring Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger, Bingbing Fan, and Penelope Cruz, The 355 centers on a group of international spies all with a common goal: to stop an impending world war. Oh, and they happen to be all women. A fact that fanboys absolutely “adore.”

Honestly, where are these dickwads with their shitty comments when another Fast and Furious movie is released? For these assholes alone, I want to give the film all my money just to watch these boys weep tears of rage and sexual frustration. And I would even pay evening ticket price just for that.

The 355: “Awesome, Tough, and Badass.”

This past weekend, the ladies virtually attended New York Comic Con, where they discussed the making of the film, their hopes for future female action ensembles, and the historical origins of the film’s title:

“355 was the secret code name for the first female spy during the American Revolution and her name still remains a mystery to this day…but she never was acknowledged for the incredible work that she did…A lot of female agents use the code ‘355’ as a badge of honor.”

But it was star and producer Jessica Chastain who reminded all of us why it’s essential for women to see this film:

“I wanted to imagine what would happen if a 13 year old girl was watching it…these ideas of women in career opportunities and in these extraordinary circumstances that really succeed. Because we all know that when you see examples of it, you know that it’s possible.”

The 355 also stars Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramirez, but when you have the absolute perfection of a female ensemble that includes talent such as Lupita Nyong’o and Penelope Cruz, you barely notice. What you do notice are strong actress portraying powerful, intelligent characters who fight for justice rather than fight each other. It’s safe to say that this is the kind of story we all can get behind.

Get ready to break down the patriarchy with The 355 in theaters on (hopefully) January 15th.

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