Feed Me, Chris: Chris Evans to Star in Little Shop of Horrors

Attention fellow theater nerds and drama geeks, the following is not a drill: Chris Evans is in talks to star in a musical. 

The forever winner of “Who is the Sexier Chris” debate is in talks to co-star in the remake of the cult musical classic, Little Shop of Horrors. Did we need another version of this film? Not at all. Do we need Chris Evans to be in a movie musical? You shut your beautiful mouths. Of course we need that.

Chris is slated to take on the role of Orin Scrivello, the sadistic and narcissistic dentist famously played by Steve Martin. The role would require our favorite Avenger to be the villain who takes pleasure inflicting pain all from the of convenience of his dentist chair, a common source of fear for many of us who already don’t floss enough. Of course, let’s not forget that he’ll be rocking a leather jacket while singing and dancing.

If what he did in a cable knit sweater is any indication of what he’ll do in a leather jacket, just prepare now for your ovaries to explode.

Now while he’s just “in talks” for the role, the actor tweeted this little tease, and I’m going to hold fast that this sole emoji is all the confirmation we need:

But Chris Evans won’t be alone. Reportedly, he’ll be joined by Rocketman himself, Taron Egerton as lovelorn Seymour and Scarlett Johansson as the object of both their affection, Audrey. For all you Romanogers, here’s your chance for even more Captain America/Black Widow fan edits.

The film’s announcement either comes at the best or worst time, depending on how you look at it. On one hand, we saw massive success with musical films like Rocketman, Yesterday, even Aladdin. The other hand? Cats. Need I say more.

But 2020 seems to be shaping into the year of musical films: Lin Manuel Miranda is bringing his first Broadway show, Into the Heights onto the big screen as well as Hamilton with the original cast to a theater near you. Adam Driver, who proved that he could break my heart with Sondheim, will star in the musical Annette. We’re finally, finally getting a racially diverse West Side Story.

Production on Little Shop of Horrors will start this summer, giving us all enough time to emotionally and physically prepare for a singing and dancing Chris Evans.

Are you ready for a Chris Evans musical extravaganza? 

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