Book Review: The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Soloman

I love podcasts, I love romance books, so of course, I love any romance book about podcasts.

The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Soloman has everything I like in my romance books – witty banter, people who like each other pretending they don’t, and a believable plot with an almost realistic climax. On top of that, there are podcast transcripts.

Love is On the Air

Shay Goldstein works at Seattle Public Radio Station, where she’s been in the same position for a decade and has a certified work enemy: Dominic Yun. He’s cocky, just too dang tall, and thinks he owns the place despite being there all of one minute. When word gets out that their little station is on the brink of failure, the studio looks for some new concepts. Enter “The Ex Talk,” a show where two exes talk about relationship problems. Since there are no real exes in the room, Shay and Dominic get pegged as the fakers. Surprisingly it’s a success and the banter between Shay and Dominic is so believable, listeners start to beg for them to get back together. What could go wrong?

The Ex Talk is a great book to start out your reading year. It has all the elements that make a successful romance novel, while still being smart, witty, and most importantly, original.

Basically, my only complaint is that The Ex Talk isn’t an actual podcast because I would be a subscriber.

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