Book Review: Much Ado About You by Samantha Young

Are there direct flights from my couch to Northumberland? Because I need something to look forward to when that vaccine finally hits. Much Ado About You by Samantha Young is the perfect escape from city life where everything seems to be going wrong.

Much Ado About You is a One Way Ticket to a Great Romance

We meet Evie Starling: she’s quit her job, had what seems like a thousand first dates that have gone wildly wrong, and feels like all her friends are running laps around her in life. So it’s clearly time for a vacation, and Evie finds herself in a small English village and the chance at getting to run the local bookshop – any book lover’s paradise. It’s in this tiny Northumberland village that she finds your typical small-town people with all the typical small-town gossip, and Roane Robson, who would be the perfect vacation fling…if she were looking for romance, that is. Which she’s definitely not, right?

Wrong. Samantha Young reminds all of us that when you find a hot man in a small-town, you jump on that.

This romance builds perfectly. Evie and Roane start as friends but their connection is clear to any reader right from the start. It’s an inevitability that they’ll get together, but somehow that only makes the journey to get there more exciting. Get ready to le sigh in 3, 2, 1…

“You’re not perfect, Evie, rationally I know that.” He let out a long sigh. “But you’re perfect to me.”

And while the romance is what makes you reach for the book, it’s Evie’s journey of self-discovery that makes you turn the page. In each chapter, Evie grows along the way and while she’s found a partner, she finds herself just as much.

This story is full of charm, whether it’s the banter between Evie and Roane, the dimensional side characters, or literally just the charming British setting. Bottom line, Samantha Young, I need about three sequels to this book as soon as possible.

Much Ado About You is the quintessential book for anyone looking for a story that just makes you feel cozy inside. It’s just that perfect winter read. Grab this book, a mug of tea, sit by a merry fire, and pretend that you, too, have a hot man friend in idyllic England.

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