The Crown Season 4 is Made for Us

Those of us of a certain age (I’m looking at you, Xennials) know the British royal family from the lens of Diana and Charles, who married right when we were born, and divorced right when their eldest son started appearing in our Tiger Beats and Sassy magazines. What we didn’t know we picked up from documentaries and the first three seasons of The Crown on Netflix. But now, with the upcoming release of season 4 of The Crown, we are finally getting a glimpse at our royals: The Crown Season 4 is made for us. 

Picking up where season 3 left off, in 1977, what we know about season 4 of The Crown is that the cast is remaining the same: the incomparable Olivia Colman as QEII; our favorite man in the entire universe, Tobias Menzies as Phillip; Head Bitch in Charge, Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret; and our favorite floppy British boy, Josh O’Connor as a wily Charles. 

But the new additions to the cast add a new spice and excitement to the storylines that are forthcoming in season 4. Emma Corin is portraying the young, naive Lady Diana Spencer, and OUR actual queen, Gillian Anderson, is bewigged into the first lady politician I ever heard of: Margaret Thatcher. 

Netflix gave us a short teaser trailer of what we can expect from The Crown season 4, and I am LIVING right now. 



There is a lot that goes on in the years that this season will cover (around 1979 to 1990), and all of it swirls around the relationships between the three women featured in this teaser. Of course we can expect the season to rely heavily on the drama of the shots fired during the Queen’s Trooping the Colour in 1981, Margaret Thatcher’s historic prime ministership, and Diana’s entrance to the royals and to the public, and of course how all these women intersect. 

I am beside myself with glee.

The Crown season 4 premieres November 15 on Netflix. 

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