Your Saturday Belongs to DC FanDome

Let’s be honest: Comic Con at Home wasn’t really the Comic Con we were hoping for. Sure there were “panels,” but it was like watching a heavily edited Zoom meeting without the excitement of seeing someone “accidentally” forget to turn off the video whilst peeing. But if SDCC at Home didn’t curb your convention enthusiasm, DC FanDome hopes to blow your f**king mind.

The 24 hour online convention takes place this Saturday, starting at 10 am PST and promises all the Comic Con Hall H on a Saturday excitement minus the body odor asphyxiation and possible dehydration. Like Comic Con at Home, there’s no badges, no purchase, and no lines. Unlike the previous online convention, DC FanDome panels can only be watched at certain times and will disappear like a Thanos snap victim (wrong fandom) after 24 hours.

To be fair, DC FanDome panels aren’t exactly the “panels” we’ve been accustomed to.  According to the schedule, some of the fare range from thirty minutes to as short as five minutes. So if you’re planning to watch all day, you should probably stop liquids now. Wait. Perhaps this is like Hall H on a Saturday.

While you can create your own DC FanDome schedule here, we took the planning and deliberating out for you. Here’s just some of the events we’re willing to sacrifice an entire Saturday to see at DC FanDome:

Wonder Woman 1984

Time: 10 am PST

Where to Watch: Here

Not even her Bracelets of Submission (that’s actually the official and not at all sexual name for them) or her Lasso of Truth could save Wonder Woman 1984 from the clutches of the diabolical COVID. Although DC Films announced that the film would premiere in the fall, the October 2nd release date is still tentative and with the rate America is going, Wonder Woman 1984 will likely see another push back.

However, not even a pandemic is not keeping the cast from promoting the shit out of this film. In fact, DC FanDome should probably be renamed the “Wonder Woman Wants Your Money and Asses in Theaters” festival. The film and heroine is the subject of not just one but five different panel celebrations, including the 80th anniversary of Wonder Woman’s creation.

Director Patty Jenkins, I would gladly give you all my Saturdays until WW84’s release if you give me another moment like this:

The Snyder Cut: Justice League

Time: 2:45 pm

Where to Watch: Here

The drama behind the making of Justice League is a thousand times better than the actual film and deserves its own podcast series. Greed, anger, backstabbing, and passion. I could honestly teach a history lesson behind the hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, but that would take me at least a semester.

Here’s what you need to know: After having to leave the filming of Justice League due to a family tragedy, director and screenwriter Zack Snyder was quickly replaced by studio favorite Joss Whedon. Supposedly, Whedon made massive cuts to the original script and became a total nightmare for cast and crew. The film was released three years ago and was a box office bust. Fans immediately started championing for “The Snyder Cut,” flooding social media channels with #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, claiming the original director’s vision was what audiences deserved. For years, the pleads and demands fell on deaf ears. That is until now.

Why should you care about The Snyder Cut? Honestly, you don’t have to, but it’s hard not to recognize that the rerelease of Justice League is a testament to the power of fandom and that a studio owned up to their mistake.

DC fans, you have my respect.


Time: 4:00 pm PST

Where to Watch: Here

Alright, I’ll admit it: I liked Aquaman.

If you watched this film, thinking you were going to get high brow fare with social and political commentary on the destruction of the ecosystem and the folly of mankind, well that’s on you. If you were like me and went into this film with your only expectation being in the presence of Jason Mamoa’s well defined back muscles, it served its purpose.

Director James Wan and the film’s villain Patrick Wilson reminisce about the film, give some behind the scenes dirt, and hopefully tease audiences with what’s in store for the sequel. Yes, there will be a sequel. That fishman was DC’s highest grossing film. More back muscles for me.

The Batman

Time: 5:30 pm PST

Where to Watch: Here

My fellow Robitches, this is the moment we have been waiting for.

You bastard COVID, you may have taken away our fall The Batman premiere, but you will never take our Rob Pattinson trying to figure out how Zoom backgrounds work.

Supposedly, the thirty minute panel is a casual conversation between host Aisha Tyler and director Matt Reeves. Sure it is, DC. I swear, if we don’t get an actual trailer that I can pause frame by frame and images of Rob in and out of the Batsuit, I would threaten to burn this shit to the ground. However, I live in California and my lung capacity cannot afford another fire.

DC FanDome? Give. Us. Battinson.

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