The Cool Table Voting Playlist

It has been four days since the shitshow dumpster fire apocalyptic first presidential debate. If my still clenched teeth, hoarse voice, and pounding headache are any indication, I’m still raging.

If you were like me and decided not to save your own mental sanity by tuning in on Tuesday night, chances are you’re feeling the same way. So what do I do when I rage? How do I express myself in a manner that is both healthy for me and safe for my loved should they decide to be near me? If you answered, “Vote,” “Volunteer your time to save the election,” “Succumb to Joe Biden’s barrage of daily texts and donate,” I’m already doing all of that, thank you very much.

Whenever I need to get out my frustration, I go big. Like Billy Elliot angry dance big.

And for that frustration, I need the ultimate playlist. Some knit, bake, or workout their frustrations. I make playlists filled with music that I can get into my car, blast on my speakers, and scream at the top of my lungs. Music that’s going to match my angry, rage, and passion. Songs that will inspire hope, encourage wrath, and remind me that my vote, my voice, my choice still has power.

Rock the Vote. Literally.

Essentially, this is the playlist I’m using while handwriting postcards to swing state voters and trying to desperately ignore the blisters threatening to ruin my beautiful Julie font.

Yes, my voting playlist strategically placed Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” followed by Neil Diamond’s “America.” Both songs are masterpieces and should always be played alongside the “Star Spangled Banner.” Please note that I included Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song,” which if anyone remembers HRC beautifully used to accept the 2016 democratic nominee bid only to have Trump shit on it by using some shitty elevator musical rendition for his horrific inaugural gala.

Because Trump ruins EVERYTHING pure and golden.

Well, I’m reclaiming it because not today, Donald. Not today.

What music is rotating in your voting playlist? Let me know! Let’s Billy Elliot rage-dance together!


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