Emotional Moments from Night One of the Democratic National Convention

Night One of the Democratic National Convention started off fine. I had my channel set to CNN, and was mildly annoyed at how BRIGHT WHITE all the graphics and backgrounds were because my flat screen is gigantic and only 8 feet from my face. But then it began. Hi, Eva Longoria Bastón. This is going to be a weird night. I yawned. But then …

I Sobbed.


Oh, DNC, I had no idea I was going to be emotional like this during a virtual convention broadcast. This hurts. In a good way. In a hopeful way, like we haven’t been hopeful in years. Like how we felt when Kamala Harris was announced as Joe Biden’s running mate.

I cried for Kristin Urquiza, whose father died of Covid after believing Trump’s dangerous rhetoric. The photo of her smiling between her parents, who were wearing I Heart Kristin shirts, got me. I want shirts like that to make my parents wear. I cried because they are still here to wear them.

During The Rising, at 16:50, when YOU ARE NOT ALONE was shown projected on that side of a building. Choked up.

That damn In Memoriam.

I cried over John Kasich’s belt.

Somehow a segment on Amtrak broke me.


And finally, there were many moments in Michelle Obama’s speech that made me tear up. But the 17:00 minute mark got me hard in my feels. We miss you, First Lady.


What were your emotional moments of the Democratic National Convention Night One? 

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