Cardi B’s Interview with Joe Biden is Everything

If you thought rapper Cardi B would rest after her controversial to men #1 song “WAP” (NSFW, I repeat, NSFW) you’d be wrong. Instead she changed out of her the Carole Baskin inspired big cat lingerie and into a business suit even AOC would be proud of to interview Vice President Joe Biden for Elle Magazine.

There’s something completely charming about how utterly true to herself Cardi is while discussing everything from childcare and education to police brutality and healthcare with the democratic presidential nominee. She is well-informed, unafraid and real.

Say what you want about her nails, or the fact that she raps about sex; when it comes to what truly matters, Cardi is everything we need Democratic voters to be on November 3rd.

For his part, Vice President Joe Biden was candid, willing to listen, humble, and had a plan. In all honesty, I’d vote for an old shoe to be the next president of our sometimes great nation; but, I’m happy I have the option to vote for Joe instead.

Watch or read the transcript of the interview and register to vote today.

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