The Cool Table August Running Mix

In mid-July, I started running again. I had stopped putting in the miles about 5 years ago because my knee hurt and because a couple of terrorists tried to blow-up the finish line of my penultimate Boston Marathon. The thrill was gone, and with every step, my knee said, “ow.”

But I’m asthmatic, my lung capacity has been feeling less than optimal, and I want to put up a real good fight if I ever meet the ‘Rona face to face. My face will, of course, be covered in an N95 mask because I’m not a complete piece of shit and I’d like our kids to go back to school eventually.

I went out slowly at first, and my knee seems to be holding up. And as for the terrorists, one of them is dead and I guess time does heal all wounds. Call me Flo Jo Slow; I’m a runner again.

When I run, I need music. So I made this running mix that I think is cool and fun. And it has Taylor Swift on it. Oh, I’m sorry. I meant taylor swift. apologies.

Get out there and run with me! And share with us in the comments your favorite running or workout songs of the summer. Please note, we will not accept Watermelon Sugar. That is a “doin’ it” song, not a running song.

Photo by Guillaume Hankenne from Pexels
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