Book Club at The Cool Table: Midnight Sun!!!

Among a certain segment of the internet, there is a shorthand for the meeting of minds to discuss any and all things Twilight Saga Fandom. We call it (sorry to give the secret away) … “book club.”

It’s never actually been a book club, although we did sometimes talk about Queen Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight books. It was just the shorthand we used with IRL normies who don’t understand the complex inner circle blogosphere, fanfic and Twitter life that once consumed fandom hangers-on and turned them into real friends.  

Book Club is Real

Guess what, ladies: our time has come. Book Club becomes real next week with the publication of Stephenie Meyer’s long-waited, Midnight Sun. Since the formation of the fandom, we haven’t really had a new book to discuss. Sure, some folks were around early enough to be there when Breaking Dawn was released, but most of us didn’t make it here until long after the first Twilight movie hit our theaters and that cafeteria smirk hit our loins. 



So this is our moment. Next Tuesday, August 4th, Midnight Sun will be in bookstores. If you haven’t pre-ordered, I hope you don a mask and head to your nearest bookstore with VAMPIRE PRIDE and happily snatch that tome from the first endcap on the left. Don’t hide your Twi-love under a bushel. Embrace it. Wear a Hot Topic t-shirt and your Cullen Crest wrist brace and show no shame. It’s EDWARD POV TIME. 

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Book Club is Happening

According to our scientific calculations, it should take you only until mid-morning Wednesday to finish Midnight Sun in its entirety. Of course, it’s been a decade since we read those first twelve chapters, and I have a feeling Edward got extra angsty boi in the interim, so he might be slightly more verbose than our predictions would have us believe. 

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It’s the first day of fansite week, and you can see today’s #MidnightSun quote (and some theorizing) over at @hypable!

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Chill with the dependent clauses, Edward. Geez. 

So we are giving you until Friday night. Read it twice if you have to. Then join us live on YouTube and Facebook for the REAL Book Club at The Cool Table: Midnight Sun. That’s almost 60 hours of uninterrupted time to go back to Forks and wallow IN ALL THE ANGST. Then meet with us LIVE on the internet and giggle about it. 

We are almost as excited about Book Club as we are about Midnight Sun. Remember when Tyler shows up to take Bella to the prom??? I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR EDWARD’S BRAIN CACKLE ABOUT IT. 

Next week! Midnight Sun! YES!

Tell us your favorite Edward moment that you can’t wait to see from his point-of-view. 

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